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The Methods That Aquaculture Farm Drives Mosquito

May. 24, 2021


1, Mosquito-repellent incense drive midge

Be careful when buying mosquito coil incense

Appearance: safe mosquito-repellent incense has fine processing, uniform color and lustre, strong bending resistance, and burning time of 7 ~ 8 hours.If the mosquito coil surface is rough, the structure is loose, and there are large particle impurities, it is easy to break off, or it can not reach the ignition time and is extinguished halfway, it is likely to be toxic mosquito coil.

Aroma: Chinese herbal medicine, pyrethrum mosquito-repellent incense lit, the smoke is not strong, you can smell a natural fragrance, no pungent, dizzy feeling;Toxic mosquito-repellent incense in the process of opening the packaging and ignition, there is a taste of mothballs, smelling for a long time will be dizzy.

Ignite: Ignite mosquito coil incense, pure pyrethrum mosquito coil incense only yellow flame and bluish white smoke;Toxic mosquito-repellent incense burns with a green flame and black smoke.

Incense ash: Pyrethrum mosquito-repellent incense after burning ash is white, gray;The ash of the noxious mosquito coil is black.(5) Effect: Pyrethrum mosquito-repellent incense has obvious toxic effect on mosquitoes, and it is not easy to see mosquitoes flying around after lighting it.Toxic mosquito repellent incense is not as effective as pyrethrum.Although safe, the light from electronic mosquito lamps can interfere with the rest of livestock and poultry.Electric mosquito-repellent incense is suitable for mosquito control, but be sure to use high purity chrysanthemum fat mosquito repellent incense

2, Electric mosquito repellent incense

Electric mosquito repellent incense piece repellent mosquito repellent effect is also good, generally can maintain 6~8 hours.According to the daily use of eight hours, a bottle of mosquito coil can be used for 30 consecutive days, eliminating the trouble of replacing the electric mosquito coil every day.But both electric mosquito coil and liquid electric mosquito coil contain organic compounds that are harmful to livestock and poultry.Adverse reactions may occur if used in a closed room.Therefore, the use of electric mosquito-repellent incense should be maintained in the livestock and poultry house air circulation.

3, Aerosol kills mosquitoes

Mosquito aerosol is a type of insecticide whose main chemical component is a substance called proparinulin.Mosquitoes mostly like to hide in dark and humid places, should be targeted at the livestock and poultry house every corner of the spraying.In the livestock and poultry house, use old boxes or buckets, put some rags in it, arranged into a dark and wet "artificial trap", mosquitoes fly in during the day to rest, to spray a few insecticides inside, you can easily kill mosquitoes, this is a trick of mosquito prevention experts.Pesticides do not need too much to achieve the effect, more not only waste, but also increase pollution.

4, Cockroach brain pill repels mosquitoes

Blend the cockroach pill into a powder, put it in a silk stocking and hang it over the tank so the mosquitoes won't go near the animal

5, Vitamin B1 repels mosquitoes

With vitamin B1 10 to 15, dissolve in water to bathe livestock and poultry, young livestock can be in the liquid medicine bubble, mosquitoes dare not bite.And this water soluble vitamin has no side effects and will not cause harm to livestock and poultry.

It is important to note that mosquitoes can also develop resistance, so different mosquito repellent methods and products should be used in rotation to obtain better mosquito repellent effect.


Mosquito trap lamp is the use of mosquito phototaxis and sensitivity to special wavelengths, ultraviolet light is attractive to mosquitoes, with the lamp trap mosquito contact net surface, and high voltage electric shock mesh, instant mosquito burning.Choose more than 8 watts of luminosity or double tube mosquito lamp.The mosquito trap lamp should be placed above the knee and not more than 180 cm from the ground.

When using the mosquito trap lamp, all other indoor light sources should be turned off, because mosquitoes are disturbed, they will not be able to feel the light source of the mosquito trap lamp, and the mosquito trap effect will be greatly reduced.Add a little water and vinegar to the lamp's trap box for better mosquito catching, as mosquitoes have a tendency to like acidity.

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