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  • Blood tonic powder for swines
  • Blood tonic powder for swines
Blood tonic powder for swinesBlood tonic powder for swines

Blood tonic powder for swines

Main Ingredients 

Chlorophyll iron (forth generations of iron)glycine ironglycine zincorganic seleniumvitamins, etc.


Blood tonic powder for swines


1, For fattening pigs, rapid growth, increasing piglets birth weight and boosting immunity.

2, Replenish blood, make the piglets strong and improve meat quality.

3, Improve the reproductive function of sows and the quality of the semen in boars.

4, Increase the iron content of breast milk and raises the body iron stores in piglets to 80%. Reduce the rate of dystocia, shorten delivery time and improve rate of survival of piglets.

5, Enhance the production performance of sows and extend the production period.

6, Improve the iron storage of newborn pigs and reduces the occurrence of anemia by enhancing the interring in embryo.

7, Improve the conversion of myoglobin.

Product characteristics

1. This product contains chlorophyll iron, which provides 100% Recovery Efficiency (RE). With chlorophyll iron, newborn piglets can fully absorb the excellent nutrients with highest utilization rate compared to other compounds.

2. The products contains glycine iron and glycine zinc, which have good synergistic effect and supplies glycine for hematopoiesis.

3. Glycine zinc can increase the immune organ index of weaned  piglets, increase the activity of Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase improve serum immunoglobulin level, and improve immunity of weaned pigs.

4. Glycine iron is a new type of iron supplement, which improves the birth weight, survival rate, growth rate and weaning nest weight of piglets, prevents piglet anemia, improves immune rate, and inhibits piglet diarrhea.

5. Glycine zinc can inhibit the apoptosis of epithelial cells, promote the intestine by producing secretory immunoglobulin, improve intestinal morphology, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

6. This product contains more than 18.5% iron content.

7. The active ingredients of this product are not affected by the in-vivo and in-vitro environments. With the aid of synergistic agent, they enter into the blood by osmosis and phagocytosis of intestinal epithelial, thus greatly shortening the “long”absorption process of iron ions.

8. Promote hematopoietic function of bone marrow and improve the immune response.

9. This product is 100% organic. It is Non Toxic, Residue Free & Pollution Free. 

Dosage and usage

For Pregnant sow: Mix one pack(100g)with 100kg of feed(Use during one month before parturition and weaning).

For Lactation piglet : Mix one pack (100g) with 100kg of feed.

For Weaned pigs and fattening pigs: Mix one pack (100g) with 100kg of feed.

For Not-in sow and boar:Mix one pack (100g) with 200kg of feed.

Mixed uniformly: Continuous usage provides the best result.


Store in a cool, dry place.


Keep lid tightly sealed to preserve freshness.

Keep out of reach of children

Packing specifications 

1kg/bags× 12bags/carton or as your requirements

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