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  • VIC Anti-viral Inject
  • VIC Anti-viral Inject
VIC Anti-viral InjectVIC Anti-viral Inject

VIC Anti-viral Inject

VIC Anti-viral Inject

Main ingredients:

Interferon (IFN), Astragalus polysaccharides(APS).


Yellow to reddish brown liquid.


VIC Anti-viral Inject

A treasure of resisting the virus and building the health system

Has the clinical effects of anti-viral, anti-tumor and immune regulation

A perfect combination of cytokines and traditional Chinese medicine extraction, actions more effective.

·Used in combination with vaccine, improve vaccine immunity

·Used in the onset and stress conditions, reduce morbidity and mortality

·Periodically added monthly, improve chicken immunity and disease resistance

Mechanism of action:

1. IFN: (1) antiviral effect. IFN does not directly inactivate the virus, the effect of IFN on uninfected cells is achieved by de-inhibiting their DNA. Due to this de-inhibition, uninfected cells produce a substance called translation inhibitory protein (TIP), which binds to ribosomes and inhibits the binding of viral mRNA to the ribosome of the host cell, thereby hampering the synthesis of viral proteins, viral nucleic acid and the enzyme required for replication of the virus, and inhibiting the reproduction of the virus.

(2) anti-tumor effect. By promoting the immune function of the body, increasing the killing level of macrophages, NK and CTL, it can inhibit and kill tumor cells.

2. APS has the functions of increasing immune organ index, induce cytokines such as interferon in animals, regulating the activity of immune cells such as macrophages and NK cells, and synergistic effect with IL-2 to make this product’s antiviral, anti-tumor and immune regulation functions much better.


1. Simple to use: high-tech products, easy style of usage: anti-virus is a non-specific way

2. Green and harmless: there is no drug residue and drug resistance, and no harm to the animal body

3. No incompatibility contraindications: can be used with any drug, and forty-eight hours separated with vaccines

4. Efficient and rapid: usually control the disease in 48 hours.


Dilute in saline solution or water for injection to inject.

Each bottle is used for 10,000 chickens under 7 days old, 8000 mid-age chickens, and 5,000 adult chickens. Once a day, for 2 to 3 days;

One bottle for 8,000 ducklings under 7 days old, 4000 ducks of 10 to 28 days old, 3000 ducks after 28 days old, once a day, for 2-3 days.


This product has a interference effect on the freeze-dried live vaccine, therefore, do not use any freeze-dried vaccine 96 hours before and after this product used. The use of this product does not affect the immunity of the inactivated vaccines, because inactivated vaccines are not live virus. And when using inactivated vaccines, combining of this product can also prevent the wild-type infections during the production of immunity of vaccines.

Packing: 8ml / bottle × 10 bottles / box

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