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  • Enflox 100 Oral Solution
  • Enflox 100 Oral Solution
  • Enflox 100 Oral Solution
Enflox 100 Oral SolutionEnflox 100 Oral SolutionEnflox 100 Oral Solution

Enflox 100 Oral Solution

Enrofloxacin Oral Solution 10% 


Each 1L Solution contains Enrofloxacin 100g


Enflox 100 Oral Solution


Enrofloxacin belong to the group of quinolones and acts bactericidal against mainly gram-negative bacteria like E. coli, Haemophilus, Mycoplasma and Salmonella spp.


Treatment of bacterial diseases caused by micro-organisms susceptible to Enrofloxacin.

Poultry: Colibacillosis, Mycoplasmosis, Salmonellosis, Infectious Coryza


For oral route

Dosage & Administration


Administer orally the diluent for 3 days after diluting it at rate of 25ml/100L drinking water to be enrofloxacin 50 mg /1 L water.

(For Mycoplasmosis: administer for 5 days)

Packaging unit

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000L

Storage and expiry date

1)Store in an airtight container at dry room temperature (1 to 30o C) protected from light.

2)24 months from date of manufacture


A.Do not administer to the following animal.

1.Do not use for animals with shock and hypersensitive response to this drug.

2.Do not administer to animals with liver injury or renal impairment

B.Side effect

1.In the case of administration to growing animal it may bring about joints abnormality (claudication, pain, cartilage failure).

2.Gastrointestinal problems (vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.) may occur rarely.

3.Central nervous system disorder (dizziness, anxiety, headache, subduction, ataxia, seizures and etc.) may occur.

4.Hypersensitive reaction, crystal urine may occur.

C.General Precaution

1.Do not use for animals with shock and hypersensitive response to this drug.

2.Do not administer to animals with liver injury or renal impairment

D.Upon over dosage (10 times or more) abnormality such as vomiting and lowering feed intake and etc. may occur.


1.Do not use in combination with macrolide, tetracycline phosphorus antibiotics.

2.The absorption rate in vivo may be decreased at the time of mixed administration with formulations containing magnesium, aluminum, and calcium ions.

3.Upon administration with theophylline and caffeine it may increase blood concentration.

4.Probenecid may increase the concentration in the blood by preventing discharge of this product trough renal tubule.

5.Upon administration with Cyclosporine it may exacerbate nephrotoxicity of Cyclosporine.

6.Upon concomitant use with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it may occur convulsions rarely.

F.Administration for pregnant, lactating, newborn, weanling and debilitating animals Do not administer to laying chickens

G.Usage note

1.When dissolving in water, use it within 24 hours.

2.When administering by mixing with feed or drinking water, mix homogeneously to prevent from drug accident and to achieve its efficacy.

H.Withdrawal period: 10 days

I.Precaution on storage

1.Store in a place where out of reach of children and animal to prevent safety accidents.

2.Observe the preservation instruction since it may bring about a change in effectiveness and stability.

3.Dispose the expired products without using it.

4.Use as soon as possible after opening, the rest of it should be sealed in the original packaging container and store in a dry place protected from light.

5.Do not use used containers or wrapping paper for other purposes and discard it safely.

J.  Other Precaution

1.It is for animal use, so never use it for human.

2.Consult with your veterinarian.

3.Use after reading the instruction notes sufficiently

4.Since safety and effectiveness other than the designated animal has not been established, do not use it arbitrarily

5.Abuse and misuse may bring about economic loss such as drug accidents and remaining animal food residues, observe the dosage & administration.

6.If you are not in compliance with Withdrawal period, that may bring about remaining drugs in animal foods, so accurately calculate and comply with withdrawal period after calculation time

7.Wear gloves, masks, protective equipment during handling to avoid skin contact and inhalation.

8.Consult with doctor as soon as abnormality is found.

9.If you have any questions about the product, please contact the manufacturer.

Enflox 100 Oral Solution

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