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  • FLOR-100
  • FLOR-100


Florfenicol Oral Solution 10%

Each L contains

Florfenicol................................................... 100g




Florfenicol is new generation, upgrade from chloramphenicol and acts bacteriostatic against many gram positive bacteria, especially E. coli, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae.

The action of florfenicol is based on inhibition of protein synthesis


Poultry:Anti-microbial effect against micro-organism susceptible to Florfenicol. Treatment of Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis

Swine: Anti-microbial effect against Actinobacillus, Mycoplasma susceptible to Florfenicol.

Treatment of respiratory diseases such as pleural pneumonia, percirula pneumonia, mycoplasmal pneumonia and Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis.

Dosage & Administration

For oral route

Poultry: Dilute it with water at rate of 1 ml per 1L of drinking water and administer for 5 days.

Swine: Dilute it with water at rate of 1 ml per 1L of drinking water and administer for 5 days. Or dilute it with water 1 ml (100 mg of Florfenicol) per 10Kg of body weight for 5 days

Packaging unit

100ml, 25ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L

Storage and expiry date

Store in an airtight container at dry room temperature (1 to 30o C) protected from light.

24 months from date of manufacture



A. Precaution on side effects during administration

B. Use only the designated animal since safety and effectiveness has not been established for other than the designated animal

C. Do not use continuously for more than one week.


D. Never mix with other medications not to occur efficacy and safety problems.

E. Abuse may bring about economic loss such as drug accidents and remaining animal food residues, observe the dosage & administration.

F. Do not use for the animals with shock and hypersensitive response to this drug.

G. Continuous dosing may occur temporary inflammation in a part of total cloacal and the anus.


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